Taboo 2012

Taboo 2012

Taboo Naughty But Nice Show VancouverIt’s the 11th Annual Taboo Naughty But Nice Show.

Last year we won the “Booth Of Distinction” at the Vancouver show. This year we will have one of the shows largest display spaces and are joined by our friends at Bound2Please Leather (S/M), Golden Lilly Corsets and Ware’s & Wear Latex. Plan an afternoon or evening at Vancouver’s hottest adult trade show and pick up some great deals, new toys, and watch a show or sex seminar. Little Sister’s will be hosting 5 seminars on “Totally Anal”.

Totally Anal! – Five seminars by Little Sister’s Jim Deva and Velevet Steel. Last year these seminars proved very popular with many questions, laughter and good cheer all while discussing some of your favorite sexual activities.

Totally Anal! – “No dear, you don’t have to be gay to enjoy anal sex! Learn about happy endings, the importance of proper lube and have the whispered questions answered. A fun workshop on the joys of anal sex, pegging, douching, lube and safe practices. Discover important breakthroughs that will only enhance your sex lives. Little Sister’s Book Store has over 27 years of experience in the Adult Industry. Enjoy a brief history of their struggle with Canada Customs and Little Sister’s advocacy to have vital books available to the public like; Morin’s Anal Health and Pleasure and books of fiction that demystify sex from beginning, to middle and to climactic end.” (from Taboo site promo)

Totally Anal! – seminars;

Thursday Jan 19: 9:30 PM
Friday Jan 20; 9:30 PM
Saturday Jan 21; 3:30 PM & 7:30PM
Sunday Jan 22; 3:30 PM

This year we also introduce our new store to the public by sharing the space with Sweet Adult Boutique. It’s two stores in one. Drop by and take a look at the new lines of lingerie, corsets and latex wear now available at Sweet Adult Boutique. Sweet Adult Boutique is located at 1402 Broadway W, Vancouver. (1 block east of Granville at Hemlock / open 11 AM – 11 PM)

The Taboo Naughty but Nice Sex Show provides an upscale adult playground dedicated to enhancing lifestyles, encouraging romance, personal betterment and all things Taboo. Enjoy entertainment, provocative and educational seminars, unique shopping, fashion shows and LIVE demonstrations. Everything from your hearts’ desires to inconceivable delights. This is a ‘can’t miss’ event.

Little Sister's Booth Of Distinction

The Taboo Naughty but Nice Sex Show takes place January 19-22, 2012 in the Original East Facility; Vancouver Convention Centre; Halls A, B, C, & D

Please Note – the Taboo Show is a licenced event.
Tickets are $20 at the door. Beat the line up and buy online tickets.
No one under the age of 19 will be permitted (no exceptions).

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