Urethra Sounds & Plugs

Urethra Sounds & Plugs

Urethra Sounding; it may not be what you think it is… so, beware – this article is about inserting objects inside one’s penis or urethra. Yes, it’s something people do, and with a great deal of pleasure too. The urethra is the membranous tube that extends from the urinary bladder to the exterior and in men conveys semen as well as urine. While some people find the idea of inserting something, anything into such a delicate space disturbing, it is as with many aspects of sexual expression often a case of you just may want to try it before you knock it.

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Sounding has gained popularity within the past decade beyond certain segments of the gay and S/M communities. Now not so much a freakish fetish but as something one can easily find examples of on the internet, porn sites, DVD’s and in sex clubs or S/M gatherings. With the advent of anything goes on the internet – sounding has found a much wider audience than previously possible. But, to be clear; sounding does have it’s risks and a clear mind (no drugs), clean sounds (sterilized is best) and a trusted mentor is considered appropriate when starting to play with sounds. It may look super easy and exciting when watching some naked stud online but one should be cautious and careful, especially when learning one’s own preferences and limitations.

Sounding for sexual purposes is all about the sensations of stretching the urethra and the sensations within the lining of the penis. This is a very sensitive and delicate area of your body. Insertion of a catheter can also be used to control the bladder and can be part of dominance scenario between consenting partners.

Proper sounds are stainless steel, usually about 12 inches long and have a perfectly smooth surface ranging from 6fr to 22fr (2mm to 7.3mm) or larger. Sound sets range from 6 to 8 sounds of varying sizes and shapes. If you are interested in sounding investing in a proper set of sounds is highly recommended. Never use anything but a proper sound! You may have seen guys use anything from pens to toothbrushes but this is NOT a good idea. Any surface that could potentially scratch the lining should be avoided. Only proper sounds are designed for this use.

Along with sounds, smaller and also made of 100% silicone, stainless steel or TPR are penis plugs. Penis plugs, usually no more than 2 inches in length (insert) provide a completely different sensation than sliding a sound into the penis. The plug is designed to be inserted and left in place – not moved in and out as one would do with sounds. This creates a unique sensation at the tip of the penis, expanding only the first inch or so of the urethra. Plugs can also be hollow, allowing the wearer to urinate or cum while the plug is in place. Another advantage is that during sexual play one is not totally devoted to one’s penis to the exclusion of all else as should be the case with sounds. Some men have found the sensations of a plug a delightful surprise, and then gone on to experiment with proper sounds. If you think you’d like to try a plug, or sounds… we have a great suggestion to get you started;

barbell penis plugThe Barbell Penis Plug is an ideal introduction to plugs and sounds. Made of 100% silicone this 1.5 inch plug, at just 3/8 inch wide and with a barbell to keep it from sliding in further is perfect for experiencing new sensations within your penis. The Barbell Penis Plug is also hollow, allowing easier insertion and play with the knowledge you won’t block things up should you cum unexpectedly.

d ring silicone penis plugOr try the D Ring Penis Plug. Also made of 100% silicone and hollow – at just $34.95 these are both great introductions to the interior sensations of your penis.

We also have a complete line of sounds and plugs for sale online. Penis plugs include the Barbell, D Ring, Libertine Faucet and Vexing Jewel. Sounds include the D Primer, a great Vibrating Sound and the Mortal Coil Sound. Sound sets include the Rosebud, Dittel, Van Burren and Hegar Sounding Set. Each set is top-of-the-line stainless steel and comes in a leather, velvet lined case to keep your sounds safe from scratches and airborne contaminates.

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When using sounds or plugs always use plenty of water based lubricant. Always keep your sounds or plugs clean. Stainless steel can be boiled or if available sterilized in an autoclave. 100% silicone or TPR plugs should be cleaned with warm water and soap but also well rinsed so no soap residue is left over. Sterile lubricant such as Surgilube is ideal. It can be obtained from Amazon.com. Also have a bottle of rubbing alcohol on hand for use immediately prior to use.

The French scale or French gauge system is commonly used to measure the size of a catheter. It is most often abbreviated as Fr, but can often be seen abbreviated as Fg, FR or F.

A catheter of 1 French has a diameter of 1/3mm, and therefore the diameter of a round catheter in millimeters can be determined by dividing the French size by 3:

For example, if the French size is 9, the diameter is 3 mm.

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